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The foreign affairs minister   of Belgium Didier Reynders has ordered Belgians staying in Burundi to immediately come back to their home land following the pressure of the Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel, son of Louis Michel. 

  1. In a strong declaration the CNDD-FDD party has released on October 3rd , 2015 to raise   its concern due to the sorrow and sympathy caused by the Belgian colonizers , the party has requested Burundians to unanimously come together as one to sue the Belgium nationwide and at the international level on the basis of crimes perpetrated ,and that the former colonizer still perpetrates in Burundi from the independence. The CNDD-FDD has clearly said that Belgium has to come up with explanations before   Burundian population   following different crimes exerted upon citizens. The process will be carried out through dialogues   initiated by the government on the basis of the National Commission for Inter Burundian Dialogue and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission before heading to the court;
  2. The   CNDD-FDD party is deeply astonished   to get that the Belgium foreign affairs minister Didier Reynders has declared to the press namely Iwacu newspaper and RTBF on November 13th , 2015, that all   Belgians staying in Burundi have to come back home without delay , arguing Belgium has never been criticized on the ground of crimes committed upon Burundians from the independence to date. This means   that the foreign affairs minister has taken the decision due to the pressure of his senior, the prime minister   who is the son of Louis Michel. It is a proof that the politico- Belgian colonizers have   the last decision when   it comes to handling Burundi problems. However, the CNDD-FDD Party is pleased to announce that inter- Burundian dialogue has started all over   the territory for all Burundians in and out of the territory. Belgians as well have to respond to the rendez- vous since   they have been ruling over Burundi for many years;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party notices that the decision to forcibly repatriate Belgians is a deplorable one to make them escape from the dialogue that has recently started, for the atrocities exerted upon Burundians not to be loudly communicated, inasmuch as   the former colonizers should have to present apologies by hook by crook, after what the victimized country that is Burundi would get the reparation. It is for that reason that CNDD-FDD Party finds out that the donation from Belgium is a fallacy and is no longer necessary. Nonetheless, that country has to bring the compensation and forgets about the donation;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party announces that the sorrow caused by the Belgian colonizers and the politicians that backed their ideologies has negatively affected Burundians through sowing zizany and divides in the country, an action that   has torn asunder the hearts of Burundians, leading   to the bloodbath. The planners pretended to be alerted   , shouted that the situation worsened and proposed sanctions and foreign peace keepers   with a view to going on ruling over Burundi behind the   unrest they often forge. A part from that, the   CNDD-FDD has been and is still shocked by sticks   Burundi children had undergone when men were publically   beaten to crack down and end Burundians’ rights. None can stand such acts, it is high time they paid   the cost of what they did instead of fleeing;
  1. Their strategy to escape before they are sued   explains   one of the main reasons   why they harass a handful of insurgents to linger in terrorism in some zones of Bujumbura Mayor ship , finance and equip the groups with weapons to overthrow the government although they have failed . This is carried out to keep Burundi in the ongoing socio political unrest leading to the institutions toppling, hence forget about the Belgian wrong doers and avoid   their judiciary proceedings for crimes they have committed. In the same line to crack down Burundi sovereignty and liberty to freely put into place institutions democratically elected by the population, home based and international media outlets have been used to back the group that has planned to topple   the government on May 13th , 2015 without success. The Belgians and their collaborators presently request the government   to let journalists involved in the coup re- open   their stations so that they continue to fuel the situation given their role in the dire times Burundi went through by the time they have failed   to overthrow the government   and preferred to destroy the radio stations before heading to Rwanda and elsewhere;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party cannot understand   the reason why the foreign press insists   that UN troops have to come to Burundi without consultations , while the resolution N0 2248 (2015) of the UN Security Council has recognized that the sovereignty, the independence   and the territory integrity and unity of Burundi have to be respected. One can wonder whether the group of politicians whose ideas are colonizers ‘ oriented connive with journalists to violate the UN resolution   are the globe leaders;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party requests politicians that betrayed Burundi to account for their responsibility since the only ways to be cleansed are envisaged in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the National Commission for Inter Burundian dialogue. Even if Belgium and its collaborators   have suspended the financial aids, the CNDD-FDD Party would like to let them know that the citizens are good people ready to listen to them. They will not get severe sanctions if they ask for pardon and let people know the truth on what they did. This will be a good start for Burundi and Belgium to pave good ties, respect each other and respect the sovereignty of the two countries. Contrary to that, Belgium will not have peace in heart given that the history is indelible.
  2. Except the fact that past cannot be forgotten, the CNDD-FDD Party worries that Belgium often adds evil to evil from time to time pushing European Union, African Union and United Nations and neighboring Rwanda while we knew that the neighbor is a close friend   to Burundi, on the ground that they have colonized Burundi ; and therefore does its best to oppress the democratically elected institution in a bid to destroy the power from the riling CNDD-FDD The threat to take economic and diplomatic sanctions is still hovering and widespread   throughout media outlets, without forgetting the request that Burundi be ruled by United Nations troops;
  1. The   CNDD-FDD closely follows global issues and remarks for countries   that have been colonized by France such as Senegal, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, etc. France does its best to defend their interests in any possible way if they are in troubles. It is astonishing that Belgium has never ceased to overthrow institution of a country they colonized from Burundi independence to date. They have also been creating groups of trouble makers to put at risk the sovereignty of the country. The case in point was the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore in 1961, the assassination of the prime minister Pierre Ngendandumwe in 1965, the assassination of the king Ntare V Ndizeye Charles in 1972 whose grave yard is still unknown up to now, followed by hundreds   of thousands of Burundians massively killed while Belgium helplessly stopped the tragedy since they were   the massacre’s mastermind. One cannot forget either the martyr of democracy, Ndadaye Melchior, the first democratically elected president in 1993, a death plotted in the assistance of Belgium. What happened from 2010 to 2015 relating to ousting the government   from the ruling CNDD-FDD Party is a plan of Belgium that has been implemented by a group of people as experienced in former times.
  • Referring to the above clarified facts in this statement, the CNDD-FDD Party requests the population to keep unity and make up a network since it is the shield to prevent the harms from the colonization philosophy that has not quitted the mindsets of colonizers. This is to say the battle for Burundians to set themselves free goes on .The population should be watchful now that the inter Burundian dialogues have started and the truth and reconciliation commission in a rather different way than other talks that happened in other countries, with a particular   facet since Belgium has never been convened to partake in both the 2000 Arusha talks and the 2003 cease fire agreement . It is for that reason they have not been sustainable. For the time being, it is high time the truth was revealed, to proceed with dialogue that accounts for the origin of the conflict so that the country accesses the veritable independence , the sovereignty, the territory integrity that will never again be revisited and the true Burundian Unity which is not forged.

Done in Bujumbura   on November 19th, 2015

Honorable NYABENDA Pascal

Chairperson of the CNDD-FDD party

20 novembre 2015

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