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What are the reasons behind some voices raising against the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

1. The insurgency that has started since April 26th, 2015 has been a moment of a political plot explosion against the democratically elected institutions since 2005. In fact, a few days after the overwhelming victory of the CNDD-FDD Party, the negative and anti democratic forces have headed to Rwanda to be trained for the resistance and the refusal of the population’s will using the arms. The completion of the insurgency project against the will of the population has been achieved through a putsch dated May 13th, 2015 that ended up in lamentable failure. What is strange is that in the governmental structure of the putschists, Pierre Buyoya was proposed to be the chairperson the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This is a proof that the commission annoys the putschists and their national collaborators as well in the G7 and the G10 and their foreign supports that have excelled in the dark history that has shaken the country. Unquestionably, the new presumed leader aimed at nothing but overshadow the truth, and project it against the CNDD-FDD Party and its government;

2. The CNDD-FDD Party has never ceased to prove that the great historical moments namely the decolonization and the independence access has been characterized by small anti decolonization groups which have allied themselves with the colonizers to strangle the independence at the early stage , assassinating the National Hero of the independence prince Louis Rwagasore. At this level, Belgium is the first author of the first great crisis which has claimed that life of Burundi brave prince. Although the ancient colonial power says nothing on its responsibility in Burundi history, it cannot prevent the inter- Burundian dialogue and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to summon Louis Michel and his friends to respond before Burundian People. In case the Belgian government presently knows nothing to answer in place of the crimes perpetrated by Louis Michel and his friends, it means that such a government is not credible in the eyes of Burundians since it is under the domination of a family negatively charged in the history of Burundi. That political family and his entourage do not want at all to hear about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission;

3. Another hard moment of the latter is the assassination of the Prime Minister Pierre Ngendandumwe followed by thousands of intellectuals, traders, deputies democrats savagely massacred by the then army. It goes without saying that the then senior army officers know very well mass graves in which they have buried killed people. They do not want to hear about the truth and reconciliation commission either, including the clergy members that have involved in the massacres in a way or another. The Rwandan refugees are among instigators of the massacres in form of advice given to their Burundian brothers so as to help them not to undergo what they experienced in their home land. Some Rwandans have been so active in the 1965 massacres in Burundi that they have been give a reward ; some houses located in Asiatic districts that belonged to the predominant ethnic in the past have been given to Rwandan refugees after the death of the true owners. The Rwandans have therefore sold the houses to the Arabs, Greeks and Indians, fearing judiciary proceedings in the long run. It is therefore understandable that all of the groups do not want to hear about the truth and reconciliation commission either since it may impact upon them till they be brought to the court;

4. Another great apocalyptic event is the one of 1972- 1973 where a genocide has been perpetrated for three months, culminating in more than three hundreds thousands (300.000) of killed people along with numerous refugees. The will was to definitely exclude the other ethnic and think no more about democracy. It is astonishing that the ideas of genocide widespread today and the ways they are forged from 2014 to 2016 by the putschists and their Belgian friends is similar and identical to the Belgian philosophy during the colonial politics up to 1945 when the predominant majority ethnic was banned to be part of the colonial institutions . The army of Michel Micombero backed by some Belgian thinkers has fuelled the situation in the country, and they have done their best to prevent the existence of any institution in which they will bring forth explanation. That is the reason why the Truth and Reconciliation commission is the prominent enemy and the power from CNDD-FDD Party is undesirable in the eyes of such detractors. However, all of the groups exerted a verbal pressure on the government, accusing it to delay the commission activities .What a paradox and hypocrisy today! The same individuals claim to postpone the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Truly speaking, they do not want at all the commission. All of them do not want the commission to be operational even if they are responsible for healing souls of their flock in Burundi. The above mentioned category is the one propagating that genocide is underway in Burundi, forgetting that it is an evil engraved in their hearts. It is wise enough to point out that Louis Michel, Bernard Maingain, Pierre Buyoya and others pioneers of that philosophy, with a view to burying the idea around the commission. In reality, it is by projection mechanism that they describe the government and the CNDD-FDD Party to be genocidal since genocide is in their blood. The milk yield of a cow depends on the taken forage.

5. The CNDD-FDD Party cannot forget to let Burundians and the international community know that the houses, properties and asset belonging to the predominant majority massacred 1972-1973 in Rohero, Kiriri and elsewhere have been given to the military power of Micombero. The justice on May 6th ,1972 has sentenced to death all the persons assassinated since April 29th ,1972, ordering that all their belongings have to be seized . Jean Baptiste , nowadays senator was a member of court that has taken such a horrible genocidal decision . The then authorities, civilian and military at all levels and foreign collaborators know the location of mass graves since they were deciders to determine graveyards. The persons herein mentioned are against the Truth and Reconciliation Commission since they will have to reveal the truth on the perpetrated atrocities one day;

6. Another event of the same importance where Ntega and Marangara commune’s people have been decimated in 1988. After having conducted media investigation to identify survivals of 1972-73 having reached the primary schools, Pierre Buyoya, the then president of the Republic has planned a genocide ; if there had not been rapid intervention of the Burundian diaspora patriots , another genocide would have been executed as it has been in 1972. Pierre Buyoya and his army therefore know all the mass graves where lay innocent people massacred for nothing . The same politician dares accuse the CNDD-FDD and its government to plan genocide while genocide is as old as his blood in his veins. The proof of Marangara and Ntega event is clear. What the heaven can he accept the Truth and Reconciliation Commission while he knows that he will have to say the truth?

7. The sad event of 1993 that has culminated in the assassination of the first democratically elected president and numerous citizens massively killed across the country are still engraved in the memory of the democrats. During the campaign, Buyoya, head of UPRONA has never stopped saying in his slogans holding a child in his arms, that to vote for UPRONA party will enable women to breastfeed and avoid the massacre of their children. In fact, he has translated the theory into practice. When UPRONA Party lost the elections, BUYOYA and his army have attacked FRODEBU electorate, starting by NDADAYE Melchior and his entourage. Hundreds of thousands have been savagely massacred while other hundreds of thousands have been forced to the exile. More than 570.000 citizens have been confined in the rally camps said to be ‘concentration camp’. That entire population has perished in the death camps under the responsibility of Pierre Buyoya and his collaborators. However, it is in company of Marguerite Barankitse and Louis Michel that BUYOYA has loudly shouted in 2015 that a genocide was underway in Burundi; while the genocide is in his blood. How can Buyoya and his squad appreciate the truth and reconciliation commission?

8. The CNDD-FDD Party regrettably notices that the May 13th ,2015 putschists along with their plans to exterminate the electorate of the CNDD-FDD Party, if the putsch would have been a success, differs by no means from other apocalyptic plans that Burundi has experienced from the independence. In fact, all of the plans are carried out through the following steps:

i. To demonize the government and tarnish its image to sow hatred between the institutions, the population and the international community ;
ii. To rebel against the authorities through the riots and law breach;
iii. To take to the streets and make demonstrations mixed with violence described to be insurgencies ;
iv. To try to besiege strategic places of the country such as radio stations, military bases and airport to name but a few;
v. To topple the democratically elected institutions if possible;
vi. To massively kill democracy followers that back the power;
vii. Claim for the foreign troops to come and topple the established institutions while associating the foreign lobbies;
This is what insurgents and May 13th, 2015 putschists have vowed to carry out. Lucky enough, God Almighty has protected Burundi and its inhabitants.

9. The CNDD-FDD Party concludes the statement calling for the attention of democrats to understand that the plan of subversion implemented since April 26th, 2015 and on has been carried out by the same group that has attempted to overthrow the democratically institutions on May 13th , 2015, like to way sad events happened respectively in 1961, 1965, 1972-1973, 1988, 1993 and 2005 to 2016 . In spite of the decisive bad will of the enemy to destroy the CNDD-FDD Party and its government, God Almighty has protected Burundi and its people against the harms that have been programmed by putschists. Although the situation is not the right one for some , the CNDD-FDD Party requests persons that have charges to come to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission CVR to reveal the truth they hold instead of protesting against the commission from abroad
Done in Bujumbura, on March 10th , 2016
Honorable Pascal NYABENDA
Chairman of the CNDD-FDD party

10 mars 2016

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