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The Belgian Louis Michel advises his followers the ethnical change to the power,   which means the death of democracy

  1. On November 23rd 2015, the chairperson of the organization to fight against the corruption and economic malpractice (OLUCOME) Gabriel Rufyiri has sent a correspondence referenced 049/OLUCOME/11 2015, to H.E YOWERI Kaguta Museveni with subject emergency call for resumption of inclusive negotiation so as to protect Burundi and the great lakes region. The document contains many lies and elements of demonization and isolation of the ruling CNDD-FDD and its government: the first lie is that the letter’s content does not emanate from the signatory himself, which means the sender has been the sound box for others. The second lie is that he positions OLUCOM as a facilitator beyond any involvement, whereas he has been a political activist through insurrectionary and incendiary statement since 2005. Presently, he pretends to be an innocent lamb while he is a political wolf. The transfer advice from his spiritual father did not convince and can blind nobody either. The third lie appears throughout words of love to the nation, yet the strategy embodies   a feeling of hatred against Burundian People in general, the CNDD-FDD Party and its government. This is true in that he has never ceased to ask for economic sanctions against his home land, requesting to isolate Burundi government by tarnishing its image and discrediting the country.   etc;
  2. In the above mentioned correspondence , at the page eight paragraph 24, the signatory raises an idea of the ethnical change to the power , a suggestion   that has been denied in Arusha but that has never disappeared from the mindsets of the Arusha Forum participants. As a matter of fact, the power alternation would be understood under   ethnical angle. Still, since the CNDD-FDD has won the elections from 2005, such formulations have been raised   by the opposition members that have taken part in the military dictatorships that harmed Burundi since the independence;
  3. Ethnical change to the power is nothing but an expression of the Arusha accord denial since the power sharing through ethnical components quotas disappears to the profit of the ethnicity. It means an ethnic that reigns from the top downwards within 5 years and another ethnic that reigns in the same way. One would ask whether the Batwa will have their own turn in that case. It is deplorable that the supporters of the Machiavellian   vision plan to allow Pierre BUYOYA and his team to come back to the power in a move to endlessly reign over Burundi, hence   eliminate   the unwanted ethnic. The CNDD-FDD Party regrets such a position which sounds the way back to the ancient colonial Belgian time of 1922 to 1962 where a part of Burundi population was considered inferior to another , and that the one judged   superior born to lead according to the Belgian colonizer scheme. That way of thinking used by Louis Michel eventually aims at giving back power to persons predetermined to lead, rule over and crackdown the people judged to be inferior. That   colonial and neo colonial trend has to be fought with energies, since it aims at making democracy disappear as it prevents people from choosing their own leaders and reduce into silence forever and ever the   people they will turn out into nothingness;
  4. The present reflexion requires an important meaning in that those having such ethnical philosophy have planned a program to selectively assassinate schooled persons from the ruling party , considering all of them as part of the population that would have never accessed the power,   in accordance with their understanding. The CNDD- FDD Party is worried to get the silence from the politico- colonizer Belgian settings with respect to such a terrorism and request to the government dialogue with putschists and terrorists at the same time. What would happen if such atrocities happened to their countries? The example of Paris does not necessitate comments. If the Belgian government is equivalent to Burundian government accounting for each country ‘s sovereignty, why would one seek to overthrow   the democratically elected institutions of 2015 to bring back people that have committed the 1972- 1973, 1993 genocide, and the assassinations of top officials of the country under the powers that existed before November 16th 2003, date of the comprehensive cease fire Accord signing?
  5. The biggest shame is a horrendous crime that took place in Bujumbura capital late Friday December 11th, 2015 where armed terrorists attacked 3 military barracks  around 4:00 in the dawn in Ngagara, the higher military institute, the logistics garrison and Mujejuru camp in Bujumbura province. The terrorists were equipped with many fire arms. Part of the terrorists included youth as announced by the spokesperson of the army in his Friday December 11th, 2015 release on the attack. On their withdrawal, they went back to the rioting zones for their consolidation where they have mounted afresh the attacks against security and defense forces. However, to hold a gun is an issue and to use it is a different issue. The CNDD-FDD does not understand by no means   how Belgium led by Louis Michel and his close friends lead their country in a wrong way to provide money and weapons with the terrorists and medically assist them when injured .It is nothing but treason on behalf of the people they are supposed to protect : it means to willingly send people to the death. It is another case of conflict against Burundi where responsible   persons will have to account for in the Truth and Reconciliation commission. The international organizations solicited to logically back the terrorists such as UNHCR staff and vehicles that assisted to transport vehicles is imputable to the aforementioned officials. On top of that, there is a name list of all persons dead from 26th April and presently and other assassinations that may happen. To try to cleanse themselves , the organizers immediately stood up to ask for the UN, EU, AU , etc to gather without delay so as to take sanctions against Burundi , a country aggressed and invaded while they did not condemn terrorists;
  6. Another appalling fact is the youth take drugs since 26th April 2015, date when they started the bloody insurgencies. Boosted by the drugs, they have attacked some Burundi military barracks and bumped into experienced national defense and security corps even if they were a great number and equipped with many fire arms. The death toll does not interest the organizers since they enjoy life in Europe: their lives   are not in danger at all. The CNDD-FDD party is surprised to hear voices from Burkina Fasso, specifically nostalgic from Sankara tribe that spends most its time demonizing Burundi institutions, which means strong hatred against central African Bantu ethnic in a move to destroy the country that used to be led by the ancient dictator Pierre Buyoya and his team. Quite Often, ties have been reported between the squad that wanted to topple Burundi institutions and Le Balais Citoyen, the news paper Parga of Burkna Faso, etc., in a move to back an ethnical power based leading to the transition government and hence forget the democracy.That way cannot lead them to the success since it is not Sankara ethnic that will rule over Africa. They should not cheat on the rest of the world that they are democracy makers but self interest’s defenders. Such an example has to be banned in our country. All the same, it is deplorable that Belgian authorities condemn the ruling CNDD-FDD and its government for having defeated the enemies aiming at nothing else but killing. They would have been pleased to hear that the terrorists have overthrown the power, and savagely killed the citizens so as to reach their ends. It is high time the hatred grounded on the colonial philosophy of Louis Michel and his close friends stopped. It is deplorable that by the time Burundi was discussing with the EU the COTONOU accords, the Belgian authorities were busy preparing the coup against Burundi, which was due to take place on December 11th ,2015, a proof  that the dialogue was a mere pretense and that the talks hid an attack plan. The evidence is the Belgian authorities have Monday 14th December 2015 morning blamed the government to have destroyed the terrorist, threatening to take UN and AU sanctions against the government of Burundi. The truth behind is the government has resisted and defeated the terrorists. They would have expressed their joy if ever they had toppled the institutions, massively and savagely killed innocents citizens as it used to be the case in the past. The political settings of Belgians have kept silence on the 13th may and 11th December acts of terrorists since it was a continuation of their interests. The above mentioned are unquestionable since Pacifique Nininahazwe and Pierre Claver Mbonimpa followers of Louis Michel have announced that the genocide has started in Burundi. They share the same view with Adama Dieng responsible for preventing genocide in UN has insisted on the their say arguing genocide will soon begin in Burundi, as though people were not aware of their long time cooperation. Resorting to that last game against the power, he has forgotten that the CNDD-FDD knew very well that commissioner through his usual releases on Burundi   and through his close friends as well as of Burkina Faso. It is high time the hatred marked by the colonial philosophy of Louis Michel and his entourage against the CNDD-FDD and its government stopped, since the fabrics to protect the terrorists of Burundi are being unveiled;
  7. Despite the delicate context between Burundi and   its former colonizer, the CNDD-FDD reaffirms that it is not all Belgians that are involved in the matter. However, the fact of not addressing such a colonialist and neocolonialist philosophy of Louis Michel and its entourage sticking to his ideas against the CNDD-FDD and Burundi government does not help to sort out the matter; those who do not believe in such an argument would rather find out the reality to back Burundians on their way towards   the full decolonization. A word to the wise;
  8. The CNDD-FDD Party recalls that an attempt of the ethnical change to the power took place in 1993 after many years of dictatorial military powers. However, the cynical answer from the outgoing president that lost the elections was that the elections were nothing but ethnical census. The friends of the loser added that it is not democracy that can make them lose the power conquered by a coup d’Etat. Since Louis Michel expected much from his followers, he had said nothing when the democracy’s hero and his entourage have been savagely assassinated. Belgium has said nothing either. The CNDD-FDD presents an explanation to that as usual since during the 1972-1973 genocide, the same country has done nothing. Paradoxically, the democratically elected power has been aggressed in 2015, yet Belgium stands up to say do not touch on my children, let them proceed with the coup d’Etat. They have evacuated them after the defeat! It is up to persons   to get the reality behind;
  9. The CNDD-FDD Party knows that the EU is the epicenter of many demands from all sides on the problematic of Burundi. Without doubt, it is aware of the correspondence whose aim was to sow divide among Burundians and international community on ways and means to back Burundi in its search for suitable solutions to the current situation. It expresses its gratitude towards the   European Union for not having accounted for the letter with apocalyptic content, during the consultations that gathered the European Union and Burundi on COTONOU protocol in its press statement 912/15 dated December 8th, 2015, for having respected the content of the UN Security Council number 2248. Even if some of the persons of the European part are not convinced as such of the achieved results   during the discussions, the CNDD-FDD reaffirms its strong convictions of voiced arguments and proposed ways out, given its honesty and humility in its affirmations before the national and international opinion. Furthermore, the ruling party having God above   all in the organization, the situation would not have turned otherwise but in a successful way;
  10. The CNDD-FDD concludes   the statement reiterating its commitment   to the combat against all speculations related to the ethnic regardless of its forms, in its march to the integration and the national reconciliation.   Having made the dialogue its motto long ago, it is not presently that the ruling party will crash it while it has proven fruitful results in its prior experience. It therefore requests the comprehension and the support of the international community , the sub regional and regional organizations without forgetting close friends since it is indispensable and   unavoidable to pave ties as the togetherness is power. Two heads are better than one.


Done in Bujumbura, December 14th, 2015

Honorable Pascal NYABENDA

Chairperson of the CNDD-FDD Party

15 décembre 2015

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