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Press Releases

The CNDD-FDD Party appreciates the resolution that has just been adopted by the United Nations Security Council


  1. On the 12th November 2015, the United Nations’ Security Council adopted a resolution No 2248 (2015) aiming at finding a solution to the Burundi’s current political and security crisis, after several other meetings and much debate which could not lead to consensus. The People of Burundi have been waiting impatiently the adoption of a such resolution. The CNDD-FDD Party presents its sincere thanks to the UN Security Council for its perseverance to find appropriate responses to the Burundi problems and the concerns of CNDD-FDD Party and its Government;


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party positively considers and appreciates that the UN Security Council as well as some countries from the International Community have come to understand the intricacies of the Burundian conflict and thus try to find out the ways and means aiming at getting the appropriate responses. This is a very encouraging step towards the search for peace and stability in Burundi;


  1. Nevertheless, the security and political situation in Burundi have been poorly understood by some countries due to some diplomats in Bujumbura giving false information to their respective countries. The CNDD-FDD Party is convinced that complications would not go as far as they went if the diplomats were not entrusted only to the only sources of radical opposition. The CNDD-FDD Party, is therefore demanding these countries to change the strategies and rely on the channel of special envoys in the future;


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party thanks the UN Security Council to have adopted a resolution whose inside respects the country’s sovereignty, the independence and the national unity .This provision has been trampled and violated by some countries in the international community to such an extent that the People of Burundi were likely to be with no right and liberty to choose their own institutions. This provision confirms however that Burundians have no in-house own problems such as those relating to ethnicity, but such problems are rather injected from the external power in order to uphold their interests and to indirectly lead the country;


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party once again expresses its deep gratitude to the friendly countries that have supported Burundi since the early discussions on Burundi in the UN Security Council, and even outside the Council up to the adoption of the resolution 2248 (2015). A friend in need is a friend indeed. The Bagumyabanga will never forget a such assistance and the History of the country will witness that;


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party proclaims once again that the path of dialogue is the only way to find out the best solutions to the Burundi’s problems. It also reiterates its commitment to this instrument of conflict resolution especially that since CNDD-FDD was still a movement it always relied on dialogue to solve any problem that occurred. The said provision on inter Burundian dialogue is thus to pour the water into the mill. The CNDD-FDD Party had commended the Government for already have set up an inter-Burundian dialogue Commission (CNDI) and thus remains very confident that the expected results of peace, stability and democracy will be consolidated. Every Burundian and other personalities involved are invited to participate in the forums of dialogue that are to be organized by the CNDI.


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party is pleased that a Resolution No 2248 was adopted when the various recommendations from the numerous Summits of Heads of States of the sub-region, region and even the African Union are in the process of being implemented, especially in the execution of the disarmament of the civilian population . All Burundian political parties were able to go witness the operation and noted that the disarmament is absolutely respecting the human rights. Without any doubt, as His Excellency the President of the Republic has since a long time explained, everyone saw that there will never be a genocide as long as the CNDD-FDD will be on the throne;


  1. The CNDD-FDD Party concludes it remarks by inviting all people of Burundi to endorse the UN Security Council’s 2248 (2015) resolution and asks everyone to take part and express themselves freely in the various meetings of dialogue, which will be conducted in peace, security and mutual respect. The CNDD-FDD Party takes this opportunity to request the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban -Ki- Moon to convey to countries which suspended their support to Burundi budget to refund the country since the resuming dialogue could not be fruitful under the sword of Damocles of starving Burundi People.


Done in Bujumbura, on 13th November 2015

Honorable Pascal NYABENDA

Chairman of the CNDD-FDD party  

13 novembre 2015

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