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People who stick to the genocide ideology and the mass graves as trade funds express a fear without limit and would like to escape from the inter Burundian dialogue and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

1. In 1959, after having failed to overthrow the then power in Rwanda, some Rwandans came to Burundi to seek for an asylum. To seek refuge presents nothing bad since it happens to everybody. Once in Burundi, they have been warmly welcomed. However, the problem is that as soon as they got fed up, those refugees have immediately started to use manipulations and lies on the grounds that the Burundi’s minority ethnic would run the risk to undergo the genocide as their Rwandan brothers. In a chronological way, the then Burundian authorities and those of the years ahead have masterminded the genocide to avoid being the victims. Such fabrics of the Rwandan guest have culminated in the assassination of the Prince Louis Rwagasore in 1961, the assassination of the Prime Minister Pierre Ngendandumwe, and the massacres of numerous innocent persons that have followed and the genocide of 1972 and 1973. All other plans of massacres known in Burundi after the70s up to now have been characterized by the negative influence of the representatives of the Rwandan refugees based manipulations of genocide;

2. Those who know their responsibilities in the massacres and genocide acts in Burundi, be they nationals or the foreigners likewise are under the necessity of making an alliance with a view to hiding themselves indefinitely and escape the justice. It is that squad described as politico mafia which oftentimes seek to shed the blood and massacre peaceful Burundians in the line to destabilize the institutions through putsch and shed the blood of innocent Burundians so as to divert and lie the national and international attention on the true planners of all crimes that have been perpetrated all over the territory. It is the same group spending days and days in devilish laboratories , concentrating on how to cleanse themselves of genocide accounts that heavily weigh upon their hearts, guessing how to psychologically project towards the CNDD-FDD Party and its government the misdeeds they have committed and keep on perpetrating . As a reminder, the CNDD-FDD Party describes different types of genocides respectively perpetrated by Micombero Michel as physical genocide, Jean Baptiste Bagaza as Intellectual genocide with the story of U and I in schools and Buyoya who has committed democratic genocide. During such hard political times the country went through, some of the Rwandan refugees based in Burundi were always behind the acts, directly or indirectly in the implementation of the devilish plans. All of them do not want to hear about the Truth and Reconciliation commission or the inter- Burundians dialogue either, fearing to be unmasked. However, the truth will end up being revealed ;

3. It is therefore not astonishing to get that Kagame , specialist of the ideas and mastermind in terms of genocide following his experience in Rwanda , wastes no second to impact on Burundi history through recruitment and training of Burundian refugees so as to go to provoke the genocide in their home land. Unfortunately he has forgotten the saying that to know the disease is part of the cure. He has thought that by engaging terrorists in Kayanza and Cibitoke provinces with the aim to massacre many persons just the way he deployed FPR- Inkotanyi a bit before 1994c to massively kill the population of Byumba district ,totaling more than seven hundred fifty thousand inhabitants, a district which had only one hundred thousand of exiled persons after the war . The survivors would have undergone the same fate. Thanks be to God, that rude experience has not succeeded in Burundi to the detriment of the genocide traders among whom Pierre Buyoya and Louis Michel on the lead;

4. The genocide of Byumba district population was not enough since it has sufficed to sacrifice his brothers, massively provoking the then power institutions through several assassinations in the expectation of an incendiary reaction of the aggressed part , a plan that has succeeded in doing in Rwanda since people have killed each other, an act that has however failed in Burundi since the assassination of Ntaryamira Cyprien has not culminated in the bloodshed in Burundi. It is so sad to raise that when the then Burundian president has been assassinated, he was making his way home from Dar -es- Salaam where he was attending a meeting for the peace talks that was underway in Arusha between Rwandans themselves. This proves enough that Kagame , Buyoya and their friends never want to hear about dialogue in Rwanda and Burundi as well. What grabs their attention is nothing but dictatorial , military and ethnical powers;

5. When Burundian People insists on the importance and benefits of the Inter Burundian inclusive dialogue, in the sense where any Burundian citizen has the right to participate in the dialogue so as to express ones point of view on sensitive issues of the country, in liberty and transparence for the truth to come out and that solutions be found, the Burundian followers of Kagame seek to transport the dialogue outside of the country to overshadow the expected truth on Burundi history and impose by hook by crook the posts sharing through a transition government, a matter that has been sorted out in the 2000 Arusha Accord trough the ethnical quotas. People who pretend to defend the constitution and the Arusha Accord are rather the true predators of the same text since they seek another Arusha Accord. It thus means that the CNDD-FDD Party and its government stand as the only defenders of the Arusha Accord signed in 2000;

6. After having lost on the politico- media ground to impose the foreign troops in Burundi, after having noticed that Burundian People has categorically denied the devilish offer presented by the predators of the institutions, being locked in the aforementioned paradox to never accept the inter Burundian dialogue leading to the unveiling of the truth, the enemies of the peace and the country stability backed by terrorists elements attract the international community using fabricated and apocalyptic manipulations , arguing there are newly dug mass graves in Burundi , and that the United Nations should prepare an investigation mission , always hoping to get reasons leading to destroy the CNDD-FDD Party and its government to reach their purpose of establishing a government of transition;

7. As the CNDD-FDD Party has previously put it in the statement number 2 dated 2 nd February 2016, Burundi is an independent and sovereign country. May the United Nations get the sincere gratitude of Burundian People for having recognized the great socio- political and philosophical core values of Burundi embodied in the 2248 UN security resolution dated 12th November 2015. It is in that way. The CNDD-FDD party and its government reminds the distinguished United Nations organization to recognize and respect the truth and reconciliation commission whose activities are underway, among other missions to identify mass graves located across the country from the independence up to now. To impose such a mission of investigation on a country without using the truth and Reconciliation commission hides to Burundian the devilish plan of fabrics to demonize the institution for the simple reason that there have never been missions of investigating mass graves since the country is independent. Even the tomb of Ntare V Charles Ndizeye has not been found so far while the population claims for it long ago. Yet the United Nations has never intervened to shed light on the matter and find the tomb. However, the sphere of Buyoya, Bagaza and their friends do not want to say where the prince has been buried. Why about not revealing where Ndizeye has been buried? Since Louis Michel and his friends that have colonized Burundi affirm mastering the history of Burundi, and that Belgium has colonized the country, what about revealing where lays the corpse of the spouse of the hero for the national independence Louis Rwagasore?

8. As raised at the beginning of this communiqué, those accusing themselves or finding their place in the plight that has ruined Burundi do their best not to be known, through lies and fabrics leading to the destabilization of the country in a bid to never give time to Burundian People to concentrate on Burundi history. For having involved in the political history of Burundi until they assassinated Ntaryamira Cyprien, Paul Kagame is liable. The truth can be overshadowed along the day or for months, but it ends up being revealed. It is not through the asphyxiation of inter Burundian dialogue while rushing to overthrow the government or transition imposition, that the truth will be avoided since each issue has its beginning and its end;

9. The CNDD-FDD Party concludes the statement asking the population to keep united and get open to the dialogue since the truth saves. The CNDD-FDD asks the International Community to go on supporting the inter- Burundian dialogue. The CNDD-FDD Party urges the International Community to grant the Inter-Burundians Dialogue Commission (CNDI) financial and logistical support so that it meets the Burundi diaspora in order to produce a final report containing all Burundians viewpoints.

Done in Bujumbura, on February 17th, 2016

Honorable Pascal NYABENDA
Chairman of the CNDD-FDD party

18 février 2016

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