1. The CNDD-FDD Party joins all its members and all Burundians in general, to manifest their happiness and enthusiasm following the United Nations Security Council’s right decision to remove Burundi from its political agenda. This decision marks the recognition by the Security Council of the real situation in Burundi; it is a positive response to the many legitimate requests of Burundians and friends of Burundi. It is a victory for the people, and another step towards strengthening national sovereignty.
  2. The CNDD-FDD Party welcomes this decision of the UN Security Council as a step marking a new era of fruitful and mutually respectful cooperation because, instead of wasting a lot of time writing quarterly counter-reports, this precious time will be devoted to the socio-economic development of the country and to the consolidation of democratic gains, the rule of law and peace.
  3. In fact, the organization and financing of the 2020 general elections by the Burundians themselves, confirmed the stability of the security situation in Burundi. Henceforth, Burundi could no longer be considered as a threat to international peace and security. On the contrary, Burundi is making a substantial contribution to restoring peace in various conflict-ridden countries through peacekeeping operations, in Somalia and the Central African Republic and elsewhere. This stability is also evidenced by the massive repatriation of refugees and political leaders, who return home week in, week out to contribute alongside their compatriots to building a peaceful, prosperous and definitively reconciled nation.
  4. The CNDD-FDD Party takes this opportunity to thank and congratulate the Government of the Republic of Burundi, which has consistently made this legitimate request for Burundi’s removal from the political agenda of the United Nations Security Council. Our gratitude also goes to all the friendly countries which supported Burundi in this unprecedented diplomatic struggle, to regain its dignity and its rights in the face of persecution based on a slander campaign, mainly oriented against the CNDD-FDD Party and its youth wing, the Imbonerakure, a youth oriented towards peace and equity, artisans of development and a nursery for tomorrow’s leaders for Burundi. Indeed, victim of the will of certain FOREIGN actors who invested in regime change through illegal and unconstitutional methods IN 2015, Burundi has spent several years defending its cause and it is excellent news that the voice of Burundi is finally heard by the United Nations.
  5. Like the ORGANIZATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE (OIF) which has also granted Burundi’s legitimate request and has taken the decision to lift all restrictive measures taken unjustly and unilaterally against Burundi, this historic decision by the United Nations is a message to the rest of the partners, in order to embark on the path of developing relations according to the priority areas identified by mutual agreement in a spirit of openness, trust and mutual respect. The partners are also encouraged to support Burundi by fully aligning themselves with the 6 priorities presented by His Excellency Evariste Ndayishimiye, President of the Republic of Burundi and the implementation of the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2027).
  6. Finally, the CNDD-FDD Party appeals to its members and to all the People of Burundi, both in Burundi and in the diaspora, to remain calm and to keep heeding the call by the President of the Republic, HE Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE, to leave no stone unturned until poverty is defeated, and to ensure that every mouth has enough food and every pocket has cash.

Done at Gitega, 08 December 2020

On Behalf of the Legal Representation of CNDD-FDD Party

The National Secretary in charge of Communication and Information

Mrs Nancy Ninette MUTONI

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