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Press Releases


The Sanctions taken by European Union for some Burundians without abiding by the law is a foresign of aggression.

The European Union member states met on 1st October in Belgium where they decided to take unfair sanctions against 4 Burundians from Hutu ethnic. The restrictions prevent the concerned to access to the European Union member states and put a freeze on their assets in the 28 member states.
The CNDD-FDD party  is deeply concerned  about the decision since  such measures  take the country back to the past Burundians went through, a past where a group of handful of politicians that shed blood and clinged to power  for more than 40 years  murdered the first democratically elected president Melchior Ndadaye.  It is pitiful that the European Union folded arms in such hard times let alone filing cases for the then assassins and did not put a ban on them to enter Schengen space, while   the criminals were implementing their plan to massacre a community belonging to the same ethnic . One has to bear in mind many a question: Did the European Union decline responsibilities to sanction people whose plan is common with that community? Was the then European Union justice different from the one in force presently in the same Union? Is it true that that block feared to take restrictions against the group considered to be beyond the law?  Are the allegations against the group of the 4 people similar to the long time planned genocide, to the point that they internationally accuse   the government to be its mastermind while is the opposite? Why have the deciders never informed Burundi? Is that the sort of rule of law the European Union and the Africa Caribbean Pacific prefer to force African countries to apply, etc.?

  1. The African  and Africa Carribean Pacific  summit   that took place  in Brussels  from 22nd to 27th September 2015 focused on Burundi situation, on the basis of the  released conclusions  after  the similar meeting that took place  in FIJI Island  in  Suva city in June. The  two meetings  did not raise the issue of  sanctions. In the Brussels meeting held from 22nd to 27th September, the Burundian delegation has proven that elections have taken place in a fair, transparent and conducive atmosphere. Still ,the institutions have been put into place following the advice from African organizations, regional blocks and the United Nations   as well. It is therefore unbearable for the European Union to promptly take measures intended to negatively impact on Burundi without informing and consulting the country or warn that nation before whatever in a bid to get position of Burundi leaders;


  1. The political issues have responses from political arena, the judicial issues are sorted out by the justice while mathematics issues refer to mathematics.


  1. The sanctions recently taken on behalf of the 4 Burundians of Hutu ethnic is a rather unusual sort of justice different from the one already known on the globe since justice is not ethnic oriented but universal? It is wise enough to wonder the origin of the decision let alone that fact that even the targeted group was not summoned to be aware of their so called accounts. As mentioned before, it is clear that there is a group of people beyond the law and tasked to lead deciders in wrong ways , specifically decisions secretly  taken in the absence of Burundi;


  1.  Furthermore, it is astonishing that such a justice has taken a decision to destroy the national police institutions. It is has been proved that the deciders have focused  on  a subordinate  of the corps instead  of attaching importance on his senior, simply because the subordinate is a Hutu from the  CNDD- FDD ;
  2. Persons aware of Burundians issues know that security and defense forces have been formed on the principles of Comprehensive cease fire accords signed on 16 November 2003. To take sanctions  for former armed political parties members  only from the ruling party  and of the same ethnic shows  that the European Union  member states did not endorse the accords  without success , after what they presently  try to sabotage the country on the grounds of a justice  that does not abide by the law a part from  harassing people  they do not want.  This is an evidence that even if Leonard Ngendakumana joined  the opponents of the government, he did not realize that he is not the most welcome, but  rather became a scapegoat and bridge for the opponents of the other ethnic to reach their aim :he is not the one to pronounce   worse speeches of hatred and upheaval  than  Pacific Nininahazwe, General Cyrille Ndayirukiye,Vital Nshimirimana,  Alexis Sinduhije, Margerite Barankitse to name but a few;


  1. It is sad that decisions makers that pushed the children to take to the streets and feed them with drugs are hosted in Europe Union member states, while such a crime falls under the international law like the way genocide is.  One has to wonder whether the same people have instigated young people to kill peaceful Burundians and CNDD-FDD members and policemen: the youth killed, set fire on people and valuables while journalists deployed by European Union covered the tragedies fuelling the situation through reports at the same time. The same community protects the suspects  and gave  them asylum, which means  they failed to implement the plan and took them to Europe for refuge: it is also important to wonder;


  1. The violation of international law, the fact of using harassment of a given community to destroy the police institutions put into place after a long way while ignoring the mistakes made by the riots’ planners till they try to overthrow the government and forget about the everyday government call, this is nothing but a proof that justice   has been broken   by decision makers to reach their aims.


  1. The democratically  elected government has  no problem with whoever   
    1. The civil society organizations such as Initiative and Change, OLUCOME , etc, would like to convince their followers through several meetings, press conferences and workshops that the origin of the bloody demonstrations that turned out into upheaval to end up with an attempt to overthrow the  democratically elected government, stems from a conflict between the power and the  rude opposition. This judgment is too wrong to the point that they forget that the People is the power’s holder.
    2. Any person is aware that the violent demonstrations have started a day after the ruling party CNDD-FDD gathered in congress and presented H.E. Pierrre Nkurunziza to be the presidential candidate for the 2015 elections. That congress has taken place at different levels such as districts, communes, and provinces. The denial of the candidacy presented by the CNDD-FDD is nothing but a shameful expression of the tough opposition against the will of the population. This is much more understandable in that the candidate does not belong to the opposition parties. It definitely goes without saying that the above mentioned organizations convey ideas of the radical opposition, ideas that are blatant lies. The truth behind is that the opposition has problems with the voter or simply the Burundian people. It is worth to mention that the people denied by the organizers  of the bloody demonstrations, upheavals  and the foiled coup d’etat will have to give account to  the population ,  the only power holder through the forthcoming talk.


  1. The European Union does not want dialogues in Burundi
    1. The CNDD-FDD is astonished by the decision to provoke; decision taken by the European Union to discriminate and marginalize some Burundians, without collaborating with Burundi, yet the nation would like to re embark on national inclusive dialogues a part from people whose aim is to dismantle defense and security forces.  The European member states have chosen to take decision opposed to the will of Burundi to reconcile all Burundians through dialogues. The idea behind is to block   the  dialogues since those who have taken the decision did not reach their ends: to topple  the democratically elected  government put into place  by the citizens in  a move  to head to  the transition government, hence enable the communities to loot the natural resources  without hindrances . The persons intended to be part of the so called government of transition are described to be people unable to properly rule for the well-being of the citizens a part from opening pathways to deciders to plunder.


  1. It is not understandable that the neighboring countries such as East African Community, African Union and   the United Nations even several meetings that were held to find a solution to the conflict including the European Union to agree that the dialogues are the only way to the solutions, yet they take tough measures   instead of backing the country heading to the right direction. This takes back to dark past.


  1.  The past of Burundi
    1.  As we put it through the   previous ruling party releases, the foreign countries have been mingling with Burundi’s issues from   the early independence up to now. In 1962, the prince Louis Rwagasore has been assassinated since he fought for the independence. It has been reported that some countries of European Union   were part of the plot, the reason why there was no development on the case. In 1965, the obituary of the Prime Minister Pierre Ngendandumwe has been announced before his death on the voice of America, he was murdered along with many Burundians while others fled out. The European Union kept calm! In 1972 and 1973, the then government of Captain Michel Micombero massively killed people that cried for international help, an act described to be genocide, yet the European Union kept quiet regardless of the then Burundian diplomats accredited to that Union.  In 1988, more than 5000 Burundians have been massacred in Ntega and Marangara  , while 50.000 survivors were  forced  to flee out during Buyoya power. The European Union did not sanction the then bloody power. On 21st October 1993, the first democratically elected president H.E. Melchior NDADAYE has been savagely assassinated, but the EU and the International Community did not react and would have saved him and did nothing as though he was condemned before his death.   From that time , the grassroot citizens  have decided  to change and took weapons  to launch the severe  fighting . Where was the EU in 1996
    2.  and 1997  exactly in Shabunda  in DRC where  5000   Burundian  Hutu refugees have been massacred  by the time the Inkotanyi Rwanda patriotic front invaded the DRC? However, all of the dead bodies were thrown into the river around Shabunda city. The international community specifically the EU did not take a position to say whether there are people born to live while others have to die.


  1. Although the movement CNDD- FDD  reached the comprehensive  cease fire accords with the  then government,  some of the countries of European Union  did  not hail  the reached step since their  ancient date partners definitely  lost the power . There is nothing new if the same European Union   decides to destroy the outcome of the accords through their decisions;


  1. In 2015, the CNDD- FDD has presented  H.E Pierre Nkurunziza to stand for the presidential elections, the same Union has stood against  the part’s  decision until the community openly endorses   rioters   that plotted  to oust the government, people  died  but the Union closed the eyes. The lies were forged against the government   while the European Union declined to do whatever.  The member states of European Union fuelled   the situation through discrediting and destroying the ruling party and its government in all of the meetings organized on Burundi, they went on backing insurgents and the attempt to topple the government on the image of what happened in Burkina Fasso, Mali and elsewhere.  This was not the end since the Union has suspended the aid and the pledges intended to Burundi so as to help the enemies take the power. He who has not yet known should wonder and find out. Rumors, fabrics, assassinations and public infrastructures destruction have been orchestrated in wave to topple the democratically elected government. Funds have been granted to the insurgents and the coup foiled. Deployed journalists to the ground to cover the issues did not professionally work since   they had mission to   experience how the Bagumyabanga behave towards the provocations of the insurgent. The word IMBONERAKURE has been transformed by opponents into a militia to discredit the ruling party affiliated youth wing in connivance with the EU.  The  coups  d’état against the democratically elected  governments are  accepted nowhere  across the globe;


  1.  Taking into consideration  the above raised  explanations,  the CNDD-FDD would like   : 


  1.    To ask the European Union  to reverse the decision since it  aims at dividing  Burundians as explained  but rather  release the suspended donations and aids instead of  cracking down Burundi as it is the opposition’s wish
  1.  To ask the EU to  end backing coup plotters given that the financing of their  plans is a way to help them continue  their plot;
  1.  To request the EU to arrest and  bring to court the coup plotters hosted in some European Union countries or bring them back to Burundi for proceedings ;
  1.  To recommend  the European Union  to pay back the package  Burundi lost following  the suspension  of donations and aids  intended to Burundi,  leading to the  suspension of  projects  underway;
  1. To recommend  European Union to draw difference between political issues   and  the one grounded on justice so as to take right decisions  on Burundi;
  1. To start the inclusive dialogue process between Burundians without delay  that will take place in Burundi  and  will let every person have his/ her say without the intervention of a  foreign facilitator ;
  1. Inform that the dialogue should not hinder the law or replace the justice;
  1.  To announce that the decisions taken by the European Union to sanction some Burundi natives from Hutu ethnic is a matter of putting at risk the dialogue before it even begins. However, people  should  bear in mind that none can oppose  the will of the population  holding the national sovereignty


  1. Not to accept any decisions taken against Burundi without the consent  and full cooperation of  Burundi that has first to give the position ;
  2. To encourage  the citizens  to preserve union  and  solidarity , hence  avoid  caring about persons  willing to divide  the population since the unity will  lead to the final victory;
  3. To keep on following the pathway to peace building and security in  the country as they  are  the cornerstone of the national reconciliation which is the source to uproot the driving forces of ethnical division in the country
  1. Let the EU and its partners that the government from the elections has no single problems with whoever, but that the radical opposition has conflicts with the population, the only power holder
  1. To continue the way of good cohabitation so as to avoid provocation since the CNDD- FDD and its government are mainly concerned with peace, strong and the best ties with the neighboring countries and the international community as well.

Done in Bujumbura, on 3rd  October, 2015

   Honorable Pascal Nyabenda,

   Chairman of the CNDD-FDD Party

3 octobre 2015

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